Policardia Bambinanza Association of Carrara

Dedicated to the memory of Gianni Policardi, Policardia Theatre is one of the most significant theatre companies in the Versilia area.

Created in 2004, Policardia Theatre is a Performing Arts Academy for children and teenagers founded on Art Director Andrea Elodie Moretti’s long-standing experience in teaching and educating youths. Within the Academy’s courses, children are able to interact, communicate, relate to one another and gain understanding and appreciation for the human body. The lessons are also attended by young people with disabilities, who are an integrating component of the school’s student body. In 2012 two young Carrara natives, Beatrice Lombardi and Elena Tagliagambre, channelled their individual training and passion for the subject by founding the association “Policardia Bambinanza Massa Carrara”, which offers a series of theatrical workshops targeting schools and extracurricular activity centres.

Recent activities promoted by the Academy include the theatre workshop held at the Minuto State Vocational School for Tourism and Catering in Marina di Massa, featuring the final performance “Identities”, during which able-bodied and disabled students alike demonstrated their acting skills, performing together with the intent of overcoming differences and promoting integration.