Database 2013 edition

We kick off the second edition of DATABASE, an Ars Gratia Artis project, produced in collaboration with the Comune di Carrara, Assessorato alla Cultura (City of Carrara -Department of Culture). From April to December 2013, the Museo Civico del Marmo, (Marble Museum), the  Centro Arti Plastiche (Plastic Arts Centre) and many other local sites, such as the marble quarries and a number of locations within the city’s historic centre, will host the numerous artistic and cultural events scheduled throughout our calendar.

Sandro del Pistoia, Fragile Encounter.

Sandro del Pistoia, Fragile Encounter, 950x320x340 cm, Samba wood and India rubber, site-specific piece for the Marble Museum in Carrara, 2013

Group and solo exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, site-specific projects, learning activities and a film exhibition: many Italian and international artists will be summoned to the city of Carrara to develop a cogent dialogue with our landscape and its heritage through their work. 

Saturday April 20t,. 3.00 p.m. marble Museum
Opening of the 2013 Edition 
Presentation of the program and new site-specific projects
Meet the artists Sandro del Pistoia and Santiago Morilla