Performance by Santiago Morilla at Cave di Colonnata

April 24th 2013, Cava Trugiano Colonnata

INDEX FALLS is an art project based on the cyclical rise and fall of the economic benefits of financial oligarchy, produced in Carrara by Spanish artist Santiago Morilla (Madrid, 1973) ad hoc for the 2nd Edition of DATABASE.

The first segment of the INDEX FALLS project is an open to the public performance realised in three different locations of the Colonnata marble quarries: Cava Trugiano, owned by Alvise Lazzareschi; Cava Pulcinacchia, owned by Successori Adolfo Corsi Carrara s.r.l; and Cava Escavazioni Marmi Campanili owned by Graziani Marmi s.r.l., which have been made available free of charge for the artist’s performance.

The photographs and videos produced during the performance will be featured in Santiago Morilla’s solo exhibition INDEX FALLS, which will be showcased from May 25th to August 31st 2013 at the Marble Museum of Carrara. 


Event Schedule:

7.00 p.m. Trugiano Quarry, Via Colonnata

Portion of the performance open to the public will last around 2 hours 
Trugiano quarry has been made available by Alvise Lazzareschi, who set up the space for the evening with his staff.
Happy hour hosted by Cafe Barlume from Marina di Carrara and Le Larderie di Bertella e Sanguinetti, from Colonnata.
Talks by the actor Paolo Seresana and Maurizio Giuntoni.
Live experimental music performance featuring by Yuri Degola, Martino Pompili and the hangplayer Paolo Borghi
Santiago Morilla’s video projections. 


At 9.30 p.m. the performance contiunes in two different locations that are not open to the public: Pulcinacchia Quarry, owned by Successori Adolfo Corsi Carrara s.r.l, and the Escavazioni Marmi Campanili Quarry, owned by Graziani Marmi s.r.l. Both locations have also been kindly made available along with staff by the respective quarry owners.




Paolo Borghi – Preview Database 2013


Yuri Degola – Preview Database 2013


Martino Pompili – Preview Database 2013

Aperitivo: locale Barlume di Marina di Carrara e Le larderie di Battella e Sanguinetti

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