Sam Durant, Propaganda of the deed. I Protagonisti dell’Azione Anarchica curated by Federica Forti

19th October 30th November, Centro Arti Plastiche, Carrara

Organized by Ars Gratia Artis in collaboration with the Municipality of Carrara, the exhibition arises from the fascination exerted by the city Carrara on artist Sam Durant.

Carrara, land of anarchy, is host to this important project produced by Franco Soffiantino Contemporary Art Productions which features marble artworks crafted at the Telara Studio d’ArteIt has been showcased in exhibitions worldwide, and is now returning to its place of origin for the first time, enriched with written sources to be consulted, a documentary film on the anarchist movement in Carrara, and a section devoted to the way the artworks were crafted in the workshop.  

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Visitors come face to face with unfinished, handmade marble portraits of Gino Lucetti, Renzo Novatore, Marie Louise Berneri, Francesco Saverio Merlino, Errico Malatesta and Carlo Cafiero, on display within the exhibition along with eloquent objects such as a reproduction of the box which was used to transport dynamite to the quarries, or a bag containing marble dust – the end product of the industrialization of the LAPIDEO sector in Carrara.

Watch the interview with Sam Durant

Guided tours for small groups and educational visits for school children may be booked for the price of the entrance fee.

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Opening Saturday October 19th:

6.00 p.m. Talk with the artist

Speakers include the curator Federica Forti, the councillor for Culture of the City of Carrara Giovanna Bernardini, critic Stefano Taccone and artists Massimo Mazzone and Gian Maria Tosatti.

7.00 p.m. Musical performance by the band “Les Anarchistes”

Alessandro Danelli voice
Nicola Toscano guitar
Eleonor Young cello
Ilaria Distante narrator