Stradevarie Creative

Stradevarie was founded in 1999 as an independent theatre company based in Carrara.

The group’s mission is aimed at treasuring the memory of the present – its vulnerable, ironic, grotesque and surreal tales – mixing contemporary languages, song, movement, videos, slides and live music.

The group’s activities include performances, workshops for children and adults, and supporting contributions in cultural and artistic projects such as: Pomeriggi da favola – creative recycling workshops (Carrara 2012-13) Piano piano integriamoci – introductory theatre workshops for preschools (City of Carrara 2013) Seeing and doing: theatrical training in preschools (Comune di Roma ed ETI 2005-07), Nuit Blanche (Rome 2003-05), Courtyard theatre (Rome, 2004-05), Granara Teatro Festival (Parma 2004-05), La Luna nel Pozzo Street Performance Festival (Venice 2004).

Since the summer of 2010, the association has also organized the Arts and Theatre Festival for Children Il gioco dell’arte – The game of art, with support from the City of Carrara.

Stradevarie also received special mention at the Ustica Prize for Theatre in 2007 with the performance A piazza delle Erbe!7 Luglio 44 la rivolta delle donne, and was awarded the Anna Pancirolli prize in 2003 for Ciclonica, monologo per donna in bicicletta.